Hair loss is a traumatic event for both men and women and can be caused by many different factors. There are many products and treatments for hair restoration today, but not all of these methods are equally effective. Regeneris Medical offers hair restoration alternatives to topical medications and surgical procedures that work at a cellular level to produce natural, permanent results with little downtime.

Types of Hair Loss

Several different types of hair loss exist for both men and women.   Physicians at Regeneris Medical trained in hair restoration can help you determine the type of hair loss you are experiencing.  By far the most common type of hair loss for men is male pattern or androgenic hair loss.  For women, the most common cause is female pattern hair loss.  Both of these conditions tend to be a combination of genetic and other factors and can be very difficult to treat with conventional therapies.  Minoxidil (Rogaine) can provide temporary improvement but is difficult to apply daily.  Finasteride (Propecia) can be effective for men but carries side effect profiles that make it difficult to tolerate in some people and women are not normally candidates except under very special circumstances.  Other treatments such as laser therapy and surgery exist, but cellular therapy, currently researched at Regeneris Medical offers the greatest promise for treatment and cure.

Medical causes of hair loss such as alopecia areata and cicatricial or scarring alopecia can be particularly difficult to treat.  PRP has already been shown in clinical studies to be helpful and stem cell therapy is offering additional promise.  The trained doctors affiliated with Regeneris Medical are committed to applying our cellular research to these complicated conditions as well.  Currently, our protocol combines local injections with IV cell infusion.  Because of the strong immunomodulating effect of stem cells the potential to mitigate the damage of these inflammatory alopecias is potentiated by systemic interaction.

What is Regeneris Stem Cell PRP?

Our Regeneris Hair Stem Cell protocol uses a combination of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), harvested from the patient’s body, to stimulate dormant hair follicles to begin growing hair once again. Several studies demonstrate tremendous benefit platelet rich plasma has producing hair growth and adipose derived stem cells expound this technology in new and exciting ways. These stem cells and other perivascular cells secrete substances which contain growth factors and other beneficial factors to promote cell regeneration that can be used for a host of medical and cosmetic purposes including reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

“Biocellular technology is transforming the field of hair restoration. Within a few years of using the technology physicians are developing at Regeneris Medical, we hope hair loss will be a thing of the past.”

The multi-step procedure begins with the removal of fat from an area of the body like the abdomen. The harvested fat is processed and purified to extract the stem cells from the mix. At the same time, platelet-rich plasma is obtained from a sampling of the patient’s blood. The two substances are then injected into the scalp using a small needle. The growth factors and proteins work synergistically with the hair follicles to restore hair growth to the area over time.

Because a stable layer of dermal fat is critical to providing the follicle with a nourishing stable environment, and optional injection micronized fat cane be added to repair the scalp and renew the important fatty layer of the scalp essential to follicular development.

Benefits of Stem Cell PRP over other Methods of Hair Restoration

Use of stem cells and PRP to treat hair loss is a non-invasive way to unlock the power of your cells to grow hair. The procedure uses sources readily available in the body to initiate cell interaction and regeneration. There are some good reasons why hair restoration using stem cells and PRP is preferable to other methods of hair restoration:

  • Known side effects are rare
  • May be performed using local anesthetic
  • No visible scarring after the procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Natural, permanent results

Cellular therapy for hair restoration is rapidly becoming the gold standard for stopping ongoing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. From the harvesting of the stem cells to the administration of the substances into the scalp, our vast experience offers you the highest level of care and the most efficient outcome. From the harvesting of the stem cells to the administration of the cellular growth factors into the scalp, our vast experience and extensive track record offers you the highest level of care and the most efficient outcome.  The Regeneris Hair Stem Cell procedure is the most advanced way to treat hair loss for both men and women.

Regeneris PRP

Platelet rich plasma has independently demonstrated great effectiveness in slowing hair loss and promoting growth.  This quick intervention can be performed in under and hour, and although it may need to be repeated, it is a safe and easy way to grow hair safely and inexpensively.  Regeneris affiliates trained in the Regeneris Hair Stem Cell procedure can also offer Regeneris PRP.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

The physicians at Regeneris Medical uses the most innovative techniques in their hair restoration procedures:

Stromal Vascular Fraction

This revolutionary technology allows our clinicians to extract the largest concentration of mesenchymal stem cells available today. The method removes the cells from adipose fat in the body, rather than blood or bone marrow leading to much higher cell count and several cell types. The mesenchymal stem cells include pericytes and endothelial cells that work together to initiate the cell interaction. The cells are extracted using a minimally-invasive liposuction method with does not involve significant downtime or visible scarring afterward.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

This substance is a portion of your blood that contains growth factors and proteins that are beneficial to cell renewal. When injected into the scalp, PRP stimulates hair growth, particularly when combined with stem cells during treatment. PRP is extracted by a simple blood draw, and the entire procedure can be completed in a single treatment session.

About the Procedure

Hair restoration is performed at Regeneris Medical using minimally-invasive cellular techniques that only require a local anesthetic. The process begins with the removal of fat from another area of the body using a liposuction technique that removes the mesenchymal cells without excessive trauma to surrounding skin and tissue. A small amount of your blood will also be drawn to extract the PRP for injection. The stem cells and PRP are then placed in strategic locations on the scalp where they will produce natural results.

Your Recovery and Results

Patients can typically resume regular activities within a day or two. There is little discomfort after the procedure, and the results will begin to appear within about one month. Once hair starts to grow in the recipient area, it will look and act just like the natural hair nearby. Regeneris Medical has developed a protocol to have patients return to our office three times in the 18 months following treatment so that we can track progress. However, it usually only takes one treatment session to achieve your full results over time.

Hair restoration is less invasive and more natural than ever before, thanks to innovative techniques now available at Regeneris Medical. To learn more about this procedure, contact us today at 855-734-3678 and we will get you in touch with a local affiliate.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are a male or female with hair loss, cellular therapy may be your BEST option to regrow your hair.  Our highly trained doctors can discuss your candidacy for regenerative treatments as well as answer any other questions you may have. Each case is unique, so personal consultations and customized treatment plans are determined based on your condition and goals.

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