Welcome to the Team, Dr. Lee!

  New England––especially Massachusetts––is well-known for many reasons. Factor number one being that we have world-renowned medical care. Factor number two being that we are wild sports fanatics. In fact, many of us could be qualified as die-hard fans. We love supporting our teams that proudly represent us as a whole, and we all come together to cheer our players on to do their absolute best.

Regeneris Medical happens happens to be a combination of both of these categories. We represent the upper tier of medical professionals as well as innovative and revolutionary procedures. We represent the care and dedication we have for our patients. Last but not least, we represent the future of healthcare.

So what does this say about us?

What is says is that not only are we all team players, but that we care.

Tying this back to athletics- if there’s one thing New England sports fans love, it’s rooting for a new team member who is strongly committed to delivering the best medical care to our patients. We’re excited to announce that we have recruited our newest team player- Dr. Derek Lee!


Player Stats


A headshot of Dr. Lee in front of a olive grey backdrop.

Dr. Derek Lee is a Sports Medicine doctor with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency program at USC Family Residency and MacNeal Family Residency, and his fellowship in Sports Medicine at VCOM Auburn. In addition to serving as Team Physician at Auburn University for Division I sports including football, basketball, and gymnastics, Dr. Lee was a covering physician at several esteemed athletic events in 2013 and 2014 such as the Los Angeles Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Women’s Rock Half Marathon, and Monster Dash Half Marathon in 2014.

Dr. Lee specializes in treating patients with a variety of orthopedic and sport injury conditions. His clinical interests include non-traditional, minimally-invasive and advanced cellular treatments.

Don’t wait to get back to the track- book an appointment with Dr. Lee today!


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You can book an appointment with Dr. Lee by contacting our wonderful staff members at (855) 734-3678, or by using our contact form by clicking here.



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