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O My Shot!: Would you pay $1,500 to have the best orgasm in your life? | The O-Shot

  There are over 260 million adults in the United States.[1] Half of our population is comprised of women. Now what if we told you that 50% of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction? That means that over 65 million women aren’t having great sex. While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to assist women in the bedroom, they often times just serve as band-aids that cover up the real issues at hand. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there is currently only one FDA approved drug designed to assist the female libido––Addyi––which is not covered by insurance, and has shown to be relatively ineffective.[2] Only recently has there been a breakthrough in regenerative medicine that has allowed a woman to have the best orgasm of her life: the O-Shot.


The Key to Pleasure Lies Within Yourself

More often than not, our ability to reach an orgasm tends to decline as we age. There are many factors that can contribute to this, but a few of the main reasons are that nerve and vaginal tissue regeneration slows, vaginal muscles weaken, and a change in hormone levels. Fortunately, the O-Shot can change all of that.

The O-Shot is a type of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. This non-surgical, two hour procedure is the latest innovation in sexual rejuvenation.[3] The protocol starts with a blood draw. We then place the vials of blood in a centrifuge so that the blood platelets separate from the other blood cells. These platelets contain highly active growth hormones that assist in repairing cells, cell life longevity, tissue rejuvenation, and in the formation new blood vessels and capillaries.[4] We then extract these platelets and administer them into the vaginal tissues subcutaneously.


Awaken Yourself: The Benefits of the O-Shot

The benefits of the O-Shot include…[5]

  • Increased desire
  • Stronger orgasm
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • Relief from pain during sex
  • The ceasing of urinary incontinence

...most importantly, women who receive the O-Shot can experience a sexual awakening.[6] Not only does the O-Shot intensify a woman’s pleasure, but it can also increase her confidence and the intimacy between her and her partner.

So, the question still stands: would you pay $1,500 for all of this?


Change Your Life with Regeneris

Regeneris Medical offers this breakthrough treatment through our O-Stem therapy. The O-Stem procedure is a revolutionary introduction of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for female intimate wellness. The O-Stem serves a similar purpose and follows a similar protocol as the O-Shot®, and is one of the only treatments available for female sexual dysfunction.

If you’re experiencing low sexual desire, difficulty reaching orgasm, painful sex, difficulty becoming aroused, and/or urinary incontinence, contact us today at 1 (855) 734-3678.



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