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The Brow Transformation: Get Gorgeously Thick Brows With Regeneris Medical

Recently, there’s been an uptake in different magazines, youtube channels, and websites documenting and presenting the history of the eyebrow. The most noticeable decade for eyebrows- the 1990s––aka when it was trendy for brows to be uber-thin and essentially over-plucked. If you google old photos of celebrities strutting down the red carpet you’ll find a slew of your favorite stars nearly eyebrow-clad. Here are some examples…




Thankfully, the trend died out when people started to realize that it was healthier for their hair follicles to NOT pluck the daylight out of their brows.

The trend now? The 2010s have been dedicated to rebel against skinny eyebrows. The goal is to have beautiful, natural, lusciously thick brows.

The strong-eyebrow style is a must-have desire for most––and you could have it, too.


Why are my eyebrows thin?

There are several reasons as to why one’s eyebrows are sparse. Female hair loss can not only cause the hair on your head to fall out, but also your eyebrows [NOTE: There could be many underlying reasons for female hair loss. Click here to find out more]. Another reason could be that the 1990s are coming back to haunt you if you were a culprit of over-plucking. Lastly, it could also come down to simply being genetics.

Whatever the reason, Regeneris Medical has you covered.


No filling in, no dying, just your own natural brows

At Regeneris Medical, we’ve created protocols that can help heal damaged or inactive follicles so that you grow your own beautiful brows.


PRP Treatment

The first step is a simple blood draw. We spin the blood in a centrifuge and extract the platelets. We then activate the platelets, add some naturally-occurring growth factors, and return it to your body through a series of pinpoint injections in the affected areas. We use a local anesthetic to numb the scalp and can repeat this as many times as necessary during a procedure to keep the patient comfortable.


PRP and Cellular Therapy

With combined PRP and Cellular Therapy, we perform the described procedure above, but in addition to that we utilize your very own stem cells. This starts with a “mini-liposuction” in which we extract approximately 50 ccs of fat from the lower abdomen. Yes, your fat is very rich in mesenchymal stem cells- even more than bone marrow. We then add some naturally occurring growth factors, combine the PRP and extracted stem cells, and then administer it into your brow area through a series of pinpoint injections.

Although these procedures sound complex, they are actually very easy, short, and have shown to be effective.

A comparative side-by-side before and after photo of a woman's eyebrows. The left shows the woman with sparse eyebrows before receiving Regeneris Medical's treatment, and the right shows enhanced brow growth after receiving Regeneris Medical's treatment.


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