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5 Reasons Why Everyone Will Be Turning To Regenerative Medicine

  Our society is moving towards using regenerative medicine to aid physical ailments- there’s no doubt about it. Regenerative therapies are being clinically tested by research teams around the globe, and are having great successes with it- treating conditions such as (but are not limited to) blindness, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, hair loss, parkinson’s, bone degeneration, heart damage, knee pain/degeneration, signs of aging, sexual dysfunctions (for both women and men), and even asthma.

Obviously, there are many reasons as to why regenerative medicine is becoming so attractive to both physicians and patients. Here are 5 main reasons why everyone will be turning to regenerative medicine in the very near future.


1. It’s Natural

Alternative medicine’s popularity has been on the rise for a while now. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) are both components of regenerative medicine that are naturally found within your own body. PRP is plentiful in growth factors that can promote healing in soft tissues, while SVF is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are able to differentiate between different kinds of cells within the body, thus promoting healing of many (if not all) parts of the body when administered back into problem areas. Because these materials are autologous (they come from your own body), these procedures are totally safe with no risk of rejection and have a very miniscule chance of infection. No medications are involved other than a local anesthetic that is given to numb the mini liposuction (for SVF) and the injection sites. Essentially, treatment is totally natural and very safe.


2. It's Minimally Invasive

PRP or SVF therapy are known for being minimally invasive. Aside from not having to go under the knife, these therapies are attractive to patients for several other reasons; they’re far less painful, they’re cost effective and they are time efficient. PRP is derived from your body by drawing blood, and SVF is gathered via a mini liposuction. Once the PRP is exploited and the growth factors within the gathered adipose tissue (fat) are activated, these products are then simply injected back into problem areas.


3. It's Fairly Simple

Do not let the big science-y words scare you! You can rest assured that these procedures are actually quite simple. Bottom line- your body has amazing healing abilities, and Regeneris is here to help those who are suffering from any disorder or condition heal their own selves. PRP is gathered by placing a patient’s drawn blood into a centrifuge which separates the platelets from the other blood cells. These platelets are then administered back into problem areas via subcutaneous injection. This whole procedure takes about 2 hours, depending on what part of the body is being treated. To gather SVF, 50 ccs of adipose tissue (fat) is taken from the patient via a mini liposuction which is numbed by local anesthetic. The MSCs from the SVF are then injected into the part of the body being treated. This procedure takes closer to 5 hours to complete.


4. It’s Ambiguous

Nearly everyone can benefit from regenerative medicine. The possibilities to heal a vast array of (even all) conditions are currently being explored by research teams all over the world. As previously mentioned, stem cells can differentiate between different types of cells within the body, and adapt to said cells and tissues (they are known as progenitor cells). It can be used for orthopedics, anti-aging, hair restoration, neurological and autoimmune conditions, sexual wellness, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, etc. Regenerative medicine is a great alternative for those who have tried everything, but feel like traditional methods aren’t working for them. Often times, for many conditions, your body has the answer for healing- it’s a matter of harnessing that healing power.


5. It's––Technically––Self Help

By noticing that your body is hurt, you’ve already taken the first step of recovery. The second step is believing that you can be helped. The third step is getting help for the problem, but don’t just settle for any treatment. Although we have made great advances in medicine and technology, some of these now-traditional methods can do more harm than good. Use your own DNA––your natural genetics––as a medicine. Empower yourself by utilizing your body’s own healing powers with the help of professionals that believe in the same.


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Regeneris Medical® and affiliates do not claim that stem cell treatments or cellular therapies are a cure for any condition or disease. Adipose-derived stem cell therapies are investigational and are not a part of  FDA-approved stem cell therapies. The information and opinions on this website are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you could benefit from stem cell therapies, we suggest patients research relevant information in addition to the information on our site. Be sure to consult a physician before deciding to participate in any investigational therapies.