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The Human Ken Doll: How Unnatural Anti-Aging Fillers Can Yield Unnatural Results

One of the biggest fears of having any anti-aging treatment done is the thought that one may look unnatural after the fact. However, that worry doesn’t exist for 33 year old Rodrigo Alves. Alves, who just recently received his 51st cosmetic procedure, has been offered a Guinness World Record for being an individual to have the “Most Cosmetic Procedures” in the world, having spent nearly $470,000 on cosmetic procedures alone. You may also recognize Alves by a different name– The Human Ken Doll. The reason being? Well...just take a look for yourself…


As you can see, Alves looks incredibly unnatural, almost to the point where fillers and surgeries have disfigured his face. However, he has a different take on his situation...

“I'm just afraid to get old because I started too late,” says Alves. “I want my youth to last longer, I'm never going to get old and every new year I'm looking better than I was the year before.”

We want to preface this with stating that there is absolutely nothing wrong about aging. With age comes wisdom and experience. However- you also have the ability to still feel young at heart, AND match that with your appearance. The greatest part?: Your body holds the ability to turn back the clock by regenerating skin cells and increasing facial volume. Regeneris Medical can help you regain a natural and youthful look with our safe and minimally invasive protocols, just by using your own body’s regenerative abilities.

We at Regeneris Medical can’t help but think that Rodrigo Alves could have looked much more natural, aged beautifully, and significantly decreased his health risks had he opted for a more natural route with us using our regenerative anti-aging protocols.


The Dangers of Fillers

There are several risks associated with getting traditional fillers. One risk being that there is the risk of having an allergic reaction. Intense swelling and itching around the injected site is possible. This essentially means that the body is rejecting the fillers, which can be a very painful experience.

Another risk is the chance that fillers can sometimes cause tiny bumps to form under the skin where they were injected. This can be from the injector administering the filler too superficially, or unevenly. Unfortunately, to fix this, one has to make another appointment with his/her provider, or wait until the filler is totally gone (which could take up to 6 months). According to Web MD, “in some cases, those bumps may be permanent. And sometimes, a bluish skin discoloration known as the Tyndall effect happens.” Not only that, but “the color change can last for several months, but there are treatments available. In very rare cases, skin cells may die if the wrinkle fillers are not used properly.”

Alves has been lucky that he has not had any of these side effects...yet. Unfortunately for the Human Ken Doll, he still has a high risk of having chronic lymphoplasmacytic inflammatory reactions (chronic inflammation of plasma and lymphocyte cells) or classic foreign body-type granulomatous reactions (when one’s body rejects foreign materials that are within the body).


Age Naturally

If only Alves knew his own body could nourish his skin and age gracefully just by using his own body’s resources. Yes, hidden within your body is the fountain of youth, and Regeneris is here to help you find it. The body contains two vital components to regeneration: 1) Platelet-Rich Plasma, and 2) Autologous (from the patient's own body) Adipose (fat) derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (also known as MSCs). The increased concentration of growth factors in the PRP and activation of MSCs work to naturally rejuvenate the entire face, as opposed to more traditional treatments that target individual areas.

There are several potential benefits to our regenerative therapies, such as…

• Long-lasting, natural results

• Minimally invasive, non-surgical

• Little to no downtime

• Uses your body's own resources

• Advanced stem cell technologies

• No allergy risk

Our protocols provide patients with a more genuine anti-aging route. These treatments have shown promising results that allow patients to reclaim their youth with their bodies own healing powers, rather than with chemical-filled injections or invasive surgeries. By using your body’s own materials, you truly achieve a natural look.


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Regeneris Medical® and affiliates do not claim that stem cell treatments or cellular therapies are a cure for any condition or disease. Adipose-derived stem cell therapies are investigational and are not a part of  FDA-approved stem cell therapies. The information and opinions on this website are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you could benefit from stem cell therapies, we suggest patients research relevant information in addition to the information on our site. Be sure to consult a physician before deciding to participate in any investigational therapies.

STRAAND: Regeneris Medical Joins Regenerative Hair Growth Study


Regeneris Medical has received independent internal review board (IRB) approval and unique identifier to commence patient enrollment in its clinical study of Stromal Tissue cell-enRiched treatment of Androgenic Alopecia via Novel Deployment (STRAAND). This study is designed to see the effects of stem cells from fat in stimulating hair growth.


Why Study Hair Loss?

Hair Loss can be a devastating condition to those who have it. It affects up to 70% of men and 40% of women with 95% of hair loss being most commonly due to Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Though hair loss affects both sexes, finding the root reason of it is very different between men and women. MPB is easier to detect, as it is usually caused by a byproduct of testosterone metabolism called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which minimizes hair follicles and incites balding. The cause of FPHL is more complex to diagnose, as there are more possibilities as to why female patients lose hair. Thus, female patients will undergo further diagnostic work up and analyzation.

The primary mechanism for hair loss has not yet been clearly established.” When suffering from the condition, both men and women show shrinkage of the hair follicle. Some studies have suggested that the number of current stem cells inhabiting the scalp remains persistent, “but the conversion of stem cells to the progenitor cells [cells that can identify and differentiate between different types of cells] required for follicle regrowth and cycling is reduced in balding patients.  Efforts to assist in the regeneration of the hair follicle may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle.”


STRAAND Study Protocol and Benefits

The protocol of the STRAAND study involves taking fat from the patient’s abdomen, emulsifying it and separating the stem and stromal cells, and then mixing it with the patient’s own plasma which has been spun down to concentrate and exploit the platelets and their growth factors. This mixture is injected into the scalp and the results monitored.

The official STRAAND study website lists multiple potential benefits participants may expect...

  • Possible access to and care from leading doctors and researchers.
  • Reduced cost for regenerative therapy study treatment.
  • The use of the existing biocellular regenerative protocol has been successfully employed for more than 10 years in plastic surgery, pain management, and orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries; and more than 20 years within aesthetic & reconstructive procedures by cosmetic plastic surgeons. The purpose of this controlled study is to determine whether cell-enriched biocellular targeted placement is equal to, or better than, other regenerative therapies that are not cell-enriched.
  • The potential benefits of stromal vascular fraction deployment for eligible patients may include improvement in certain chronic degenerative diseases. Although some benefits often occur, some patients will experience all of them, some will experience some of them and some patients will not experience any of them. Also, the degree of benefit varies from one patient to another.
  • Contribute to research that may improve the lives of others.


The Investigators

Our very own Dr. Ryan Welter has been selected to be one of the principal investigators of the STRAAND study. The CEO and Medical Director of Regeneris Medical, Dr. Welter obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University and his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He completed his residency at Brown University Medical School, where he now serves as Clinical Associate Professor. In 2002, Dr. Welter founded Tristan Medical, which has grown to be one of the largest providers of primary, urgent, and occupational health care in Southeastern Massachusetts, serving over 70,000 patients a year. In 2005, Dr. Welter began a successful hair restoration practice and founded the New England Center for Hair Restoration, creating a state-of-the-art operating suite designed exclusively for accommodating hair transplant surgery.

Other principal investigators in this study include Ken L. Williams Jr., DO, FISHRS, hair restoration surgeon and founder of the Irvine Institute of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery-Orange County Hair Restoration, and author of the international recognized textbook, Hair Transplant 360 – Follicular Unit Extraction. Eminent plastic surgeon and regenerative researcher, Robert Alexander, MD, DMD, FICS, of Bitterroot Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Stevensville, Montana is the co-investigator of this one-of-its-kind stem/stromal cell study for hair loss in men and women.


Participate to Regenerate!

If you are anyone you know is suffering from hair loss, would like to participate in the study, and reap the benefits of regenerative medicine, call us today at (855) 734-3678 to talk to one of our staff members or e-mail us at


For more info on the STRAAND study...



Regeneris Medical® and affiliates do not claim that stem cell treatments or cellular therapies are a cure for any condition or disease. Adipose-derived stem cell therapies are investigational and are not a part of  FDA-approved stem cell therapies. The information and opinions on this website are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you could benefit from stem cell therapies, we suggest patients research relevant information in addition to the information on our site. Be sure to consult a physician before deciding to participate in any investigational therapies.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Will Be Turning To Regenerative Medicine

  Our society is moving towards using regenerative medicine to aid physical ailments- there’s no doubt about it. Regenerative therapies are being clinically tested by research teams around the globe, and are having great successes with it- treating conditions such as (but are not limited to) blindness, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, hair loss, parkinson’s, bone degeneration, heart damage, knee pain/degeneration, signs of aging, sexual dysfunctions (for both women and men), and even asthma.

Obviously, there are many reasons as to why regenerative medicine is becoming so attractive to both physicians and patients. Here are 5 main reasons why everyone will be turning to regenerative medicine in the very near future.


1. It’s Natural

Alternative medicine’s popularity has been on the rise for a while now. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) are both components of regenerative medicine that are naturally found within your own body. PRP is plentiful in growth factors that can promote healing in soft tissues, while SVF is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are able to differentiate between different kinds of cells within the body, thus promoting healing of many (if not all) parts of the body when administered back into problem areas. Because these materials are autologous (they come from your own body), these procedures are totally safe with no risk of rejection and have a very miniscule chance of infection. No medications are involved other than a local anesthetic that is given to numb the mini liposuction (for SVF) and the injection sites. Essentially, treatment is totally natural and very safe.


2. It's Minimally Invasive

PRP or SVF therapy are known for being minimally invasive. Aside from not having to go under the knife, these therapies are attractive to patients for several other reasons; they’re far less painful, they’re cost effective and they are time efficient. PRP is derived from your body by drawing blood, and SVF is gathered via a mini liposuction. Once the PRP is exploited and the growth factors within the gathered adipose tissue (fat) are activated, these products are then simply injected back into problem areas.


3. It's Fairly Simple

Do not let the big science-y words scare you! You can rest assured that these procedures are actually quite simple. Bottom line- your body has amazing healing abilities, and Regeneris is here to help those who are suffering from any disorder or condition heal their own selves. PRP is gathered by placing a patient’s drawn blood into a centrifuge which separates the platelets from the other blood cells. These platelets are then administered back into problem areas via subcutaneous injection. This whole procedure takes about 2 hours, depending on what part of the body is being treated. To gather SVF, 50 ccs of adipose tissue (fat) is taken from the patient via a mini liposuction which is numbed by local anesthetic. The MSCs from the SVF are then injected into the part of the body being treated. This procedure takes closer to 5 hours to complete.


4. It’s Ambiguous

Nearly everyone can benefit from regenerative medicine. The possibilities to heal a vast array of (even all) conditions are currently being explored by research teams all over the world. As previously mentioned, stem cells can differentiate between different types of cells within the body, and adapt to said cells and tissues (they are known as progenitor cells). It can be used for orthopedics, anti-aging, hair restoration, neurological and autoimmune conditions, sexual wellness, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, etc. Regenerative medicine is a great alternative for those who have tried everything, but feel like traditional methods aren’t working for them. Often times, for many conditions, your body has the answer for healing- it’s a matter of harnessing that healing power.


5. It's––Technically––Self Help

By noticing that your body is hurt, you’ve already taken the first step of recovery. The second step is believing that you can be helped. The third step is getting help for the problem, but don’t just settle for any treatment. Although we have made great advances in medicine and technology, some of these now-traditional methods can do more harm than good. Use your own DNA––your natural genetics––as a medicine. Empower yourself by utilizing your body’s own healing powers with the help of professionals that believe in the same.


Contact Us Don’t wait another moment- heal yourself with Regeneris Medical. Call us today at (855) 734-3678.



Regeneris Medical® and affiliates do not claim that stem cell treatments or cellular therapies are a cure for any condition or disease. Adipose-derived stem cell therapies are investigational and are not a part of  FDA-approved stem cell therapies. The information and opinions on this website are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you could benefit from stem cell therapies, we suggest patients research relevant information in addition to the information on our site. Be sure to consult a physician before deciding to participate in any investigational therapies.

Personalized Medicine with Regeneris Medical

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Chances are that you or someone else you know is taking some sort of prescription medication. But did you know that those medications may not be even working, or doing more harm than good? “The top ten highest-grossing drugs in the United States help between 1 in 25 and 1 in 4 of the people who take them” meaning that millions of people are taking medications that aren’t helping them. [1]

Traditional methodologies in diagnosing and treating patients can be described as being “one size fits all”. Currently, medicine and health care is centered around the “standards of care”. These “standards of care” have traditionally been “the best courses of prevention or treatment for the general population, or the average person on the street.” For example- treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Let’s say an individual is maybe experiencing pain, popping, and cracking in her knee. She then goes to her specialist where they would confirm the diagnosis. The doctor then lays out a general treatment plan that is used for all patients with OA of the knee. The patient will then start the plan and go under treatment after treatment until she finally responds. However, when and how well the patient will respond is all in question. Thus, a patient can waste a lot of time and money by attempting to fix a problem because of traditional “generalized” treatments. [2]

This is where personalized medicine comes in.


What is personalized medicine?

Personalized medicine is a fast-growing field “that is informed by each person's unique clinical, genetic, genomic, and environmental information.” By determining these factors––which vary from person to person––medical personnel may then be able to tell an individual if there are any diseases or high receptibility rate within their biological makeup, and the likelihood and timing of actually developing said diseases. “By combining this information with an individual's medical records and circumstances, personalized medicine allows doctors and patients to develop targeted treatment and prevention plans.” [3,4]

Personalized medicine not only identifies potential conditions within an individual, but can also aid in “how they might respond to drugs or other interventions” since diseases technically are “as individual as the people who have them. Personalized medicine is about making the treatment as individualized as the patient”.

Thus, whether a patient will have a positive or negative reaction to specific treatments and prevention plans can be potentially discerned from these tests, in which a Personalized Medicine plan can then be implemented and catered to the individual’s needs.

According to U.S. News and Duke Medicine, Benefits of Personalized Medicine include…

-Ability to make more informed medical decisions

-Higher probability of desired outcomes thanks to better-targeted therapies

-Reduced probability of negative side effects

-Focus on prevention and prediction of disease rather than reaction to it

-Earlier disease intervention than has been possible in the past

-Reduced healthcare costs [5]


Personalized Medicine with Regeneris Medical

At Regeneris Medical, we take the time to sit with our patients to get the most accurate diagnosis. Before starting any sort of treatment plan, we will make sure that we create an individualized procedure that we think is best for your prognosis. Not only do we take a personalized medicine approach, but we also seek more natural alternatives so that there are no risks. Regeneris does this by using your very own body as a source of medicine.


Repair Yourself with Regeneris

Regeneris Medical utilizes two different autologous regenerative sources.

1.Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP), which is obtained through a simple blood-draw. PRP contains proteins called growth-factors that help heal injuries. We concentrate PRP by placing it into a centrifuge, in which the platelets are separated from the other blood cells.

2.Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells- stem cells that are obtained through fat. Although there are several sources of stem cells, this is one of the safest, minimally invasive, least painful, ethically sound methods for obtaining MSCs. In fact, “this category of cell can be found in adipose (fat) tissue at nearly 2000 times the frequency of bone marrow,” meaning that adipose is one of the richest sources of stem cells. [6] At Regeneris Medical, we use the patient’s very own adult adipose (fat) cells by way of a mini-liposuction in which we attain only 50 mL of fat- all under local anesthesia, after which we then exploit the healing abilities of the MSCs within the fat.

Our procedures can be utilized for a non-exhaustive list of conditions, meaning that it is possible that we can heal a major number of diseases and disorders just by taking advantage of the body’s own healing abilities.

With these protocols, we can introduce these healing properties back into the affected areas of the body, all depending on what the diagnosis is. Regeneris can customize and combine methodologies so that you don’t have to spend another moment suffering.


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Female Hair Restoration: Restore Your Hair and Your Confidence

  For women, hair loss isn’t something to be ashamed of, but it does take a number on self-confidence. Hair is so often a symbol of femininity, beauty, and youth. For some women, to lose hair is to personally lose one or more of those aspects of one’s self.

Some culprits of hair loss in women are (but are not limited to):

- Aging

- Pregnancy

- Genetics

- Hypothyroidism

- Lupus

- Iron Deficiency Anemia

- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

- “Over-Styling” [1]

No matter the cause, hair loss can be devastating. Luckily, it can be treated. Unfortunately, the few products) for women on the market contain harsh chemicals, or are not always as effective as we sometimes hope.

At Regeneris Medical, we believe that you have the ability to successfully regrow your hair with our help. We use your own stem cells to help nurture the regrowth of your own hair so that your body truly does the work. [2]

Traditional Options: The Harsh Truth

Although there are a couple of options out there to treat hair loss, they’re not entirely safe, effective, and/or are true to what they claim to do.


One of the most notorious hair-restoration products out there is Minoxidil aka Rogaine. Rogaine is a topical treatment that was the “first FDA approved medication for the treatment of hair loss despite the fact that how it works is still unknown”. [3]

The FDA has only approved of the 2% formulation of Rogaine for use in women. This is because...

Females tend to be more sensitive to the effects of Rogaine on blood pressure. Minoxidil decreases blood pressure and can cause lightheadedness. Using the 5 percent solution, which is approved for use in men, can increase the severity of side effects.

In some women, Rogaine may also cause an increased chance of developing contact dermatitis- an inflamed and irritated rash of the skin. [4]

Lastly, there is no quick-fix with Rogaine- if you decide to use it, you must be in it for the long run. That means that…

- “Only works as long as it's used diligently and routinely” - Hair growth ceases if you stop using Rogaine - You must apply it twice daily - You cannot wash your hair for 4 hours after applying Rogaine - “It cannot be used 24 hours before or after chemical hair processing, such as dying, perming or relaxing the hair.” - You must wait for it to dry, which takes between 2-4 hours [5]

Although effective in many women and certainly common and traditional, Rogaine can be a chemically harsher restoration option in some patients. It’s definitely not ideal for someone looking for a more permanent and safer method.

Laser Comb

The HairMax Laser Comb is “a hand-held laser device” that uses red-light therapy. The product claims to “revive hair follicles” by “increasing circulation and the biological march that makes hair”. Although the Laser Comb is only approved for men, some women have taken to using it. But are there really benefits to this treatment?

David Michaels, the managing director of Lexington International, the company behind the LaserComb, says it works by "transferring light energy to cellular energy" in the follicles. The device can't restore hair to a bald spot, he says, but it can make any remaining hair grow "faster, thicker, heavier and stronger." [6]

Ultimately, the HairMax Laser Comb can enhance your appearance but it needs daily use and becomes another source of daily maintenance.  [7][8]

Regenerate Your Own Hair

At Regeneris Medical, we’ve developed protocols to treat hair loss in a more natural way as an alternative to traditional options. Our safe and effective procedures will aid your body in restoring your own hair and your confidence.

PRP Treatment

The first step is a simple blood draw. We spin the blood in a centrifuge and extract the platelets. We then activate the platelets, add some naturally-occurring growth factors, and return it to your body through a series of pinpoint injections in the affected areas. We use a local anesthetic to numb the scalp and can repeat this as many times as necessary during a procedure to keep the patient comfortable.

PRP and SVF Treatment: WHY STEM CELLS?

Stem cells are tiny progenitor cells found in our body that can divide (through mitosis) and change (differentiate) into various cell types. Your stem cells are your body’s natural healing cells and can act as your repair system in your body by replenishing adult tissues. They are the source of all these cells that have died.

At Regeneris Medical, we use (MSCs) which is found in various adult tissues and derive them from the most accessible source of stem-cell rich tissue: Adipose tissue (aka fat cells).

MSCs are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types including: osteoblasts (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage), connective tissues and adipocytes (fat cells). Hair follicle papilla, which is a large structure at the base of the hair follicle bulb, is made up mainly of connective tissue and a capillary loop. Since it is mainly connective tissue, MSCs could play a role in the repair and regenesis of the hair follicle papilla.

This therapy is expected to work by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp. Most recently, some doctors have claimed that stem-cell therapy led to a significant and visible improvement in follicular hair growth.

The first step is a “Mini-Liposuction” We administer a local anesthetic and extract a small amount of fat from your abdomen (about 50 ccs). While we’re extracting the stem cells from the fat, we draw a small amount of blood. We then spin it in a centrifuge and extract the platelets. After that, we activate the platelets and add some naturally-occurring growth factors. Next, we combine the Stem Cells and the Platelet Rich Plasma and return it to your body through a series of pinpoint injections.

Despite sounding complex, these revolutionary procedures are very easy, and can give you the natural results that you are looking for.




Contact Us

Don’t wait any longer if you are a women suffering from hair loss- call us today for one of our Regeneris Medical professionals to examine your scalp and conduct a thorough, targeted medical history. Once any underlying causes are identified, we will provide you with a medical recommendation outlining your personal options to fully address the issue and help you meet your goals. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful- including you.

Click here to request more information or call Regeneris Medical at 1-855-734-3678 to book your consultation today.




[4] ibid



[7] ibid




Regeneris Medical® and affiliates do not claim that stem cell treatments or cellular therapies are a cure for any condition or disease. Adipose-derived stem cell therapies are investigational and are not a part of  FDA-approved stem cell therapies. The information and opinions on this website are for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you think you could benefit from stem cell therapies, we suggest patients research relevant information in addition to the information on our site. Be sure to consult a physician before deciding to participate in any investigational therapies.