Studies Show That It May Be Time to Look for Alternatives to Knee Replacement

As an Increasing Number of People Face Chronic Knee Pain, Both Patients and Physicians May Need to Start Seeking Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

It's time to start looking for alternatives to knee replacement surgery. More and more people are diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. One study states that, apart from aging, reasons for the growth in knee osteoarthritis cases include the obesity epidemic, as well as “knee injury, repetitive use of joints, bone density, and muscle weakness”.

In fact, the amount of people inflicted with knee osteoarthritis has skyrocketed so much that a study from 2010 found that it is “one of the leading causes of global disability.” This same study warns physicians that they’ll need to brace themselves for a massive increase in treating the painful and debilitating condition. There are estimates that by “2030, only in the United States” knee osteoarthritis “will burden 67 million people.”

Traditionally, physicians have guided their patients towards receiving a total (or partial) knee replacement.

But is this really the only form of treatment? The answer is no. Is knee replacement surgery the safest form of treatment? That answer is a definite no.

We’ve already mentioned how knee replacement surgery is not the safest, easiest, or cheapest route to take by any means. That’s why many people have started seeking out more natural alternatives to knee replacement

Regenerative medicine has become one of the main alternatives to knee replacement. This is because the protocols are generally much easier than traditional surgery, far less painful and time consuming, minimally invasive, and–in the end–are most cost efficient. This especially holds true for PRP therapy and adipose-derived stem cell treatments.

It’s important to gather as much information as possible before considering regenerative therapies. New discoveries are made in the field of regenerative medicine every day, and the physicians of Regeneris Medical are finding that regenerative therapies are some of the safest options to consider.

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