Will options such as the Regeneris Bioknee become the new standard of care over traditional Total Knee Replacement?


Unfortunately, the total knee replacement procedure is becoming more and more common. The U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health state that 4.7 million people had total knee replacements in 2010, and that the average age of those patients gets younger and younger. TKRs are highly invasive and potentially very painful. Dr. Ryan Welter and the team at Regeneris Medical knew there had to be another option. There is now an alternative to TKR that is safe, effective, and offers superior results - the Regeneris BioKnee. The Regeneris BioKnee activates the body’s natural healing process to allow for natural healing of the joint, potentially giving patients increased range of motion and less pain. In a typical knee replacement, an implant made of metal and plastic is implanted into the patient’s knee. The Regeneris BioKnee protocol calls for the use of the patient’s own stem cells, allowing for a safer, less invasive approach. Patients can typically go home the same day.

There are a multitude of reasons to try the Regeneris BioKnee procedure before thinking about a total knee replacement, with the most important being the results. Total knee replacements typically last 5 - 15 years and then the patient has to undergo another operation to not only implant another device, but to remove the old device. The Regeneris BioKnee procedure lasts 7 - 10 years, at which point another injection is needed to start the body’s healing process up again. Although the turnover times are about the same, the Regeneris BioKnee is much less invasive and carries less of a risk of damage to the surrounding tissue.

Hospital Stay

The Regeneris BioKnee requires much less time in the hospital. The procedure itself is outpatient, meaning that you would go home the same day. A total knee replacement usually requires at least a week in the hospital due to the high risk of infection. This also significantly raises the cost of the procedure.


The Regeneris BioKnee is significantly less expensive than a total knee replacement. A TKR typically costs around $49,000 due to the surgery and recovery costs. The Regeneris BioKnee ranges in price between $2,500 to $7,500 depending on the patient’s individualized treatment plan. During your initial consult, your Regeneris physician will discuss the price points of your agreed upon treatment.

Recovery Time

Recovery, and the pain that can come with it, is often times the scariest part of considering a treatment for your knee. Total knee replacement recovery is painful and extensive. It requires a strict physical therapy regimen that can sometimes damage the knee. After your Regeneris BioKnee procedure, you will be told not to participate in any rigorous physical activity for up to two weeks, in order to let your knee heal. After that, gentle stretching is encouraged.


The team at Regeneris Medical highly encourages you to research your options and consider a Regeneris BioKnee before undergoing a total knee replacement. Many employees and friends of Regeneris Medical know individuals who have had total knee replacements and are still in the same amount of pain that they were before the procedure, or worse. We want to help. Learn more about the Regeneris BioKnee and contact us today using the form below or by calling 855-734-3678.