Featured Physician: Dr. Cameron M. Govonlu, M.D


Welcome back to our Featured Physician series! We're excited to showcase our Regeneris Physician Affiliates and tell you about their practices, why they became interested in regenerative medicine, and technologies they're excited about.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Dr. Cameron M. Govonlu, a pain management physician at Physicians Pain Management Center in Raynham, Ma.

1. Can you tell us details about you/your practice?

As a person, all my life, I have been passionate about problem-solving, fixing broken things and design and symmetry.

When I started my surgical internship training at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, in 1976, my goal was to become a cosmetic plastic surgeon but due to the unexpected death of the plastic surgeon at Methodist Hospital as well as the field being highly-competitive with limited plastic surgery fellowships, it did not seem that I could secure my path to this specialty.

After a one year internship and six months of surgical residency, I decided to apply for anesthesiology residency in Southwestern Medical School and I got matched to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. During this three years’ internship and residency in anesthesiology, I took additional rotations in pain clinic, clinical hypnosis, and acupuncture.

After completing my residency I moved to Massachusetts where my wife had family and ancestors and started working at West Roxbury VA Hospital providing anesthesia for open heart and major vascular surgery as well as working with paraplegic and quadriplegic veterans. Later on, I moved to private practice at Morton Hospital in Taunton in 1982 where I practiced combined pain management and anesthesiology. I took multiple additional week-long courses all over the country in pain management and cadaver training and completed my board certification in anesthesiology with added qualifications in pain management.

In 1998 I decided to choose interventional pain management as my second career and started a free-standing office space interventional pain management in Taunton which was the first office space interventional pain management in southeastern Massachusetts.

2. Why did you get involved in regenerative medicine?

After two relocations I have settled in my current practice at 1244 Broadway, Raynham, Massachusetts.

I found my practice extremely gratifying and rewarding and up to today it has been the best twenty years of my career.

I have continued taking different courses learning the latest technologies in interventional pain management as well as taking additional courses in age management and bio-identical hormone therapy, aesthetics and prolotherapy.

As time went by PRP became a better substitution for prolotherapy and eventually stem cell revolution evolved to its current status. I took additional courses in stem cell therapy in both age management and pain management cadaver courses and have become extremely interested in the field not only recognizing that stem cell therapy will be the future of medicine but also the fact that it involves repairing diseased joints, ligament, discs and a host of other medical conditions and I can use my tools and interventional skills to get involved in this field and slowly adapt it as my third career in this lifetime.

I am very excited to be part of Regeneris Medical recognizing that Dr. Ryan Welter has already carved the way and established a structure for this new revolution in our area and I hope that as time goes by I become more and more active in this field.


Learn more and schedule an appointment with Dr. Govonlu by visiting his website