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How to Tell If You’re Going Bald

There are many options for treating unexpected hair loss, with treatment being most effective when the condition is detected early. Knowing the difference between typical hair loss and unexpected balding is sometimes difficult. Here are the best ways to tell if you’re...
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It’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month! Here are 4 Hair Loss Treatment Options

August is hair loss awareness month. Hair loss affects over 80 million people in the United States alone, with billions of dollars spent on preventing and treating the condition. Here are four hair loss treatment options that can either slow the process of hair loss...
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8 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Studies tell us that some types of hair loss conditions are hereditary. However, there are steps that you can take to slow the process and increase hair health. Here are some of our best tips for keeping your beautiful, full locks well into your golden years.  ...
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Importance of Diagnosing Hair Loss Early

Hair loss (alopecia) can be an embarrassing or uncomfortable condition to talk about, especially for women. That being said, early diagnosis is essential for treating alopecia effectively. Making an early visit to the doctor and a timely diagnosis a patient’s best...
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9 Tips for Summer Hair Care

Almost everyone is aware of the importance of taking care of your skin in the summer time (sales of sunscreen and other sun care products increase exponentially during the summer months), but what about your hair? Between chlorine from the pool, salt water from the...
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6 Crucial Skin Protection Tips for the Summer

Have Fun in The Sun While Using Skin Protection Summer is officially here, and you know what that means- more time spent having fun outdoors in the sun. While it’s great to get your vitamin D (especially after the long winters here in New England), skin protection...
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