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What is it like to Join a Clinical Trial?

The idea of participating in a clinical trial can make people feel anxious or uneasy. Patients often come into the trial with worries about what they may be asked to do, what the side effects of new medicines are, and what effect the treatment may have on their...

How Clinical Trials Change the Face of Medicine

Clinical Research and Clinical Trials seem to come with an ‘experimental’ vibe. Although that’s the literal perception, being apart of a clinical trial is incredibly important in the advancement of modern medicine. At Regeneris Medical , we believe that this stage of...

4 Reasons to get O-Stem™

The aging process affects more than just your outward appearance, it can also affect your most intimate areas and negatively affect your romantic relationships. Fortunately, today the O-Stem™ treatment exists thanks to revolutionary technology that helps the body...

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation – Is It For Me?

Sexual health is critical for embracing confidence, intimacy and an overall feeling of sensuality. There is no debate that childbirth, aging and menopause can take a toll. Tissue can become dry, sex can be painful and not as pleasurable, and even exercise or laughing...

6 Reasons to get P-Stem™

3 million new cases of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are diagnosed each year within the United States, making it a very common disorder. ED is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Because of this, it’s not unheard of for ED sufferers...

Signs You May Have FSAD

The average American has sexual intercourse 103 times per year, and less than half are satisfied with their sex life. A contributing factor to low satisfaction rates is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD), a condition in which women have a recurring inability to...


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