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Checking for Tick Bites: How To Prevent Lyme Disease

Summer is right around the corner, and for those who spend more time in suburban or rural areas this blessing always comes with the curse of checking for tick bites. Blacklegged ticks––also known as deer ticks––are infamously known for their ability to spread Lyme...
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Studies Show That It May Be Time to Look for Alternatives to Knee Replacement

As an Increasing Number of People Face Chronic Knee Pain, Both Patients and Physicians May Need to Start Seeking Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery It's time to start looking for alternatives to knee replacement surgery. More and more people are diagnosed with...
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Top 7 Questions to Ask When Considering Cellular Therapy

It’s understandable to have a lot of questions about a topic that not many people know much about. This can especially be the case when one is considering receiving cellular therapy. Although it’s a fairly new approach to treating medical conditions, it’s a...
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Recovery Time For Knee Replacement Surgery: Could It Potentially Take Years?

Does Recovery Time For Knee Replacement Surgery Take Longer Than You Think? You read the title correctly: it is possible that the recovery time for knee replacement surgery could be much longer than you had expected. That may seem implausible to some, but the reality...
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Knee Joint Replacement Surgery: Infection Could Potentially Be A Threat

As we’ve mentioned before, knee joint replacement surgery is not all fun and games, nor is it a means to an end. Knee joint replacement surgeries are both costly in terms of time and money, and take a massive physical toll on the body. While sometimes implants and...
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Knee Joint Replacement vs. PRP Stem Cell Therapy

It's no wonder that PRP Stem Cell Therapy for degenerative knee conditions is becoming more relevant in today's medicinal practices. After all, knee joint replacement surgery is not something to take lightly. Knee surgery could truly change the course of your life,...
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