3 Reasons to Become a Regeneris Physician Affiliate

3 Reasons to Become a Regeneris Physician Affiliate

Regeneris Medical has enlisted some of the brightest physicians from around the world to join our network of highly trained specialists. Together, we are working to provide regenerative medicine to patients regardless of location. Our physicians are all trained in the field of Regenerative medicine, but come from a host of specialty backgrounds, adding varied clinical experience and technique to this ever changing field of medicine. We are always looking to expand our network and invite you to consider becoming a Regeneris Medical affiliate. Here are three reasons to become a Regeneris Medical physician affiliate:


You’ll be a member of a select network chosen by the Regeneris team

The Regeneris Medical team selects only highly qualified physicians and scientists that display exemplary skills and devotion to regenerative medicine. Being a part of this team comes with a unique set of qualifications to treat a variety of conditions, as well as a high level of support from Regeneris Medical headquarters.


You’ll receive a step by step guide to starting up your own clinical research site

Getting a site activated in a study for the first time is a bit arduous, but our Clinical Research Coordinators work diligently to provide a step by step guide to new affiliates to help you setup your site. All trainings and required documents are laid out in a clear checklist, and our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that everything is organized from the beginning. This not only ensures good data, but more importantly good patient outcomes.


You’ll be supported by our marketing team

The Regeneris Medical marketing team — consisting of our Marketing Communications Specialist, our Administrative and Social Media Specialist, and our Creative Designer — will provide free materials to you to help educate patients and book consultations. This includes: social media graphics, infographics, promotional items, and print materials. Our team is always working to add items to our marketing bundle to direct patients from around the country to their nearest Regeneris affiliate office.


Becoming a Regeneris Medical affiliate is about more than just offering regenerative therapies — it’s about giving patients everywhere access to new, revolutionary medicine, as well as helping to change the landscape of medical research through our clinical trials. Joining our network will not only benefit your practice, but also your patients, as they will be exposed to new treatment options that were once unavailable to them.

Learn more about our affiliate network and join by emailing Kristin Corrado, Clinical Research Coordinator, at k.corrado@regenerismedical.com



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