O My Shot!: Would you pay $1,500 to have the best orgasm in your life? | The O-Shot


There are over 260 million adults in the United States.[1] Half of our population is comprised of women. Now what if we told you that 50% of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction? That means that over 65 million women aren’t having great sex. While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to assist women in the bedroom, they often times just serve as band-aids that cover up the real issues at hand. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there is currently only one FDA approved drug designed to assist the female libido––Addyi––which is not covered by insurance, and has shown to be relatively ineffective.[2] Only recently has there been a breakthrough in regenerative medicine that has allowed a woman to have the best orgasm of her life: the O-Shot. (more…)

The Vajacial: The Facial for “Down There”


One common struggle among women of all ages are those pesky razor-burn bumps that seem to always appear after shaving “down there”. It may feel like you use almost everything to prevent those tiny red dots from showing up. You use “sensitive skin” shaving creams, extra-moisturizing lotions and three different kinds of oils, and yet razor-burn manifests without fail each time. But as of recently there’s been a new highly talked about procedure on the market that may help treat razor-burn: The Vajacial. (more…)

Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Wellness for Men

In order for man’s penis to function normally and sustain an erection, there must be proper desire, i.e., a stimulus to the brain, as well as an adequate blood supply to circulate to the nerves of the penis. Unfortunately many men around the world are familiar with symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a condition which primarily makes it difficult for a man to sustain an erection. (more…)

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