4 Reasons to get O-Stem™

4 Reasons to get O-Stem™

The aging process affects more than just your outward appearance, it can also affect your most intimate areas and negatively affect your romantic relationships. Fortunately, today the O-Stem™ treatment exists thanks to revolutionary technology that helps the body regenerate itself and restore youthful vitality to your sexual experiences.

What is O-Stem™?

The O-Stem™ is an injectable treatment for the vagina that uses regenerative substances harvested from the body to stimulate renewal and age reversal at a cellular level. The procedure is minimally-invasive, relatively painless and produces long-lasting results. The treatment begins with the extraction of stem cells using a comfortable liposuction technique. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is also collected through a simple blood draw. These substances contain growth factors, proteins and other beneficial ingredients for addressing aging concerns and promoting a higher level of health overall. When stem cells and PRP are injected into the vaginal tissue, they stimulate a healing response that reverses the effects of the time on the vagina and clitoris.

About the Procedure

O-Stem™ treatments are a multi-step process that begins with the extraction of fat from the abdomen or another area of the body using minimally-invasive liposuction techniques. The adipose tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells in higher concentrations than can be obtained from the blood or bone marrow. Those stem cells can be processed and injected into the treatment area, where the growth factors begin cell renewal and other regenerative processes to restore vaginal tissue to its more youthful state.

PRP is also collected through a simple blood draw and a process that draws out the platelets from the rest of the blood. The PRP works synergistically with the stem cells when it is injected to magnify the results of the procedure overall.

The harvested stem cells and PRP are injected directly into the vaginal tissue after the area has been sufficiently numbed to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The injection process only takes a few minutes to complete, and you should be able to resume your usual activities right away. We do advise patients to refrain from intercourse or use of tampons for about three days to give the treatment area ample time to heal.

Reasons to get O-Stem™

1. Minimally invasive – This is not a surgical procedure, but it offers surgical like results. Patients get longer lasting results without having to go under the knife, and only requires a numbing cream and local anesthetic.

2. Safe, low risk – Other treatment options like hormone therapy or prescription medications can have long lasting side effects on brain function and mood levels. The O-Stem™ procedure has little to no side effects and very low risk levels, as the treatment uses the natural processes of the body.

3. We use stem cells – While other physicians offer the O-shot, the staff at Regeneris Medical has pioneered a unique variation on this treatment that provides superior results by combining the beneficial properties of PRP with the rejuvenating effects of stem cells. When you choose Regeneris for your treatment, you can rest assured you will enjoy the safest procedure and the best possible results.

4. Fast recovery time – There is no real recovery from the O-Stem™ procedure, and you should feel little if any discomfort afterward. Results will develop gradually in the weeks following as the tissue is regenerated. You should begin to notice an increase in desire, greater enjoyment during sex and more frequent, intense orgasms. Some women also report improvement in other age-related issues like urinary incontinence after their O-Stem™ treatment.

Don’t settle for a less than stellar experience in the bedroom – learn more about the O-Stem™ procedure and make an appointment today.

Clinical Research at Regeneris Medical

Our blog will provide you with information about Regeneris Medical and its innovative cellular therapies that can improve quality of life for patients with a range of conditions, from cosmetic, hair loss, orthopedic injuries and arthritis to autoimmune disorders and more! We will also cover general health advice provided by our expert health care providers.

Clinical Research

This week we’d like to introduce you to our Clinical Research Division, who are currently at the forefront of clinical testing for cellular therapies. Clinical testing includes volunteer patients and is managed by Gabrielle Lewis, our Director of Clinical Research, under the leadership of Dr. Ryan Welter.

Chemical Peels – by Dr. Tomassello

Chemical Peels – by Dr. Tomassello

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells thereby allowing lighter, brighter and more vibrant skin to grow. I am a big fan of exfoliation. Chemical peels do a fabulous job of exfoliation … and so much more.

Remember, exfoliation can be physical; using a product with beads, microbeads or powder to clear away dead skin cells (commonly with the aid of a rotating pad), or chemical, where the chemical itself does the work.

Chemical peels are divided into three broad categories; Superficial (light), Medium and Deep. In addition to beautiful exfoliation, deeper peels are able to clear unwanted pigment, improve acne (and acne scarring) and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Through penetration into the skin; through the epidermis (top layer) to the dermis (layer beneath epidermis) and beyond, deeper chemical peels can stimulate fibroblasts which improve the structure (collagen) and elasticity of the skin. (more…)

Derma Roller and Microneedling – by Dr. Tomasello


Microneedling is a procedure gaining incredible momentum in the medical aesthetic world. Environ™, led by plastic surgeon Des Fernandez, MD, introduced a microneedling roller as far back as 1996 for treatment of fine lines around the mouth. I have used an Environ™ derma roller for many years. There are new dermal rollers entering the market every year. Most have a needle range of 0.25 – 2.50 mm. Many and find it to be a cost effective anti-aging option. (more…)

Pinning the Skin and Anti-Aging – by Dr. Tomasello

You have very thin skin.

No, that is not an insult, it’s a fact.

Skin covering your body has many variations of thickness. The upper layer of skin is the epidermis, whose depth on the face (and the rest of the body) is fairly uniform. The differences in skin thickness have much more to do with the depth of the underlying dermis. The thinnest skin on your body is behind your ears and on your eyelids. These areas have an average thickness of 500 microns (or 0.5 mm). The skin on the face is about the thickness of a dime (1.3 mm). Take a dime out of your pocket or purse and take a look at it. All of the products, procedures and treatments you see advertised are aimed at making your dime-thickness skin more beautiful, youthful, clear and vibrant. That’s what it is all about. One thin dime. (more…)

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