Your body has the ability to heal itself – but did you know that it is possible to harness this healing power to help us live our best life? Regenerative medicine holds the promise to turn back the clocks on injury and age-related conditions, and Regeneris Medical is working to deliver this promise–today

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Welcome to Regeneris Medical

Regeneris Medical is committed to delivering tomorrow’s healthcare today by offering research-level regenerative treatments that address a wide range of conditions. Years of research and hundreds of grateful patients that have been able to get back to the court, field, slopes, dance floor and track are the best proof that painkillers and joint replacement implants are not your only options.


Since 2009, Regeneris Medical has been a front-runner in the field of regenerative medicine. Driven by our mission to deliver tomorrow’s healthcare today, we hope to continue research and expand our contribution to the health and wellness of people everywhere.


Through regenerative medicine and outstanding patient-centric service, we see an opportunity to change the face of modern medicine. Our goal is to be recognized as an innovative and respected leader in the field of regenerative medicine in practice, research, and education.


We strive to maintain high standards while always welcoming opportunities to improve the care we provide. We encourage invention and continued learning while staying committed to our patients and the values of transparency, confidentiality, and trust.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a game-changing, evolving area of medicine with the potential to heal damaged tissues and organs, as well as degenerative conditions and signs of aging. The tools of regenerative medicine are growing rapidly and include new medications, hormonal and gene therapies, as well as a better understanding of natural foods and herbs and their effects on human tissue.

Most recently, our understanding of utilizing stem cells and platelet-derived growth factors in cellular therapies has skyrocketed. Cellular therapy may offer solutions for people with conditions that are currently considered beyond repair, or where the only solution might be expensive and painful surgeries.

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Our Service Areas & Specialties

Regeneris Medical offers a promising new approach to preventing disease and mitigating symptoms, with potential to be more effective than the tools of 20th-century medicine. Click below to see procedures and physicians in each division of our network.

A Network of Providers

Collaboration is key when working in a field that is constantly developing in research and application. At Regeneris Medical, we connect physicians and patients to create communication that is crucial to patient care, while expanding our knowledge of regenerative medicine. We seek to enable providers to offer their patients a wider range of services, and working together in developing treatment options for conditions where few currently exist.

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STRAAND: Regeneris Medical Joins Regenerative Hair Growth Study

  Regeneris Medical has received independent internal review board (IRB) approval and ClincalTrials.gov unique identifier to commence patient enrollment in its clinical study of Stromal...
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Personalized Medicine with Regeneris Medical

Chances are that you or someone else you know is taking some sort of prescription medication. But did you know that those medications may not be even working, or doing more harm than good? “The top ten highest-grossing drugs in the United States help between 1 in 25...
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